Hospice/Palliative Care

Hospice Palliative Care Greater Texas
An empathetic ear, with transformative results.

With an air of compassion and empathy in tow, our goal is simple; to approach each claim with matchless care and attention, while gently guiding your patients (or their family’s) to completion. An approach we’re renowned for, with a team of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) specialists taking on the complex field to ensure your dedicated team sees every last cent that they worked so hard for.

A specialty with endless intricacies, with denial claims frequently relating to an incorrect date of death and errors in certifications, we’re familiar with the ever-changing codes and the quirks in hospice administrative processes, giving us a springboard to catapult your RCM. The key to freeing up your time to be spent nurturing those nearing the end of their lives, we take care of the back-end, ensuring every aspect of your facility is streamlined.  

Is your hospice noticing a reimbursement decline? Our specialists will transform your cash flow with the ultimate RCM trio; efficient, accurate, and reliable.