Founded on the basis of revenue amplification

we are renowned for our results-oriented approach to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical billing.

Based in Dallas, Texas, we are a multi-specialty revenue cycle management firm, working with some of the nation’s leading institutions, delivering incredible proceeds through our blend of methodical, systematic techniques to streamline your billing process.

With a winning formula of proactive, driven, knowledgeable professionals, who are highly proficient in their area of expertise, we have formed an unbeatable team, united by our ultimate goal of boosting your revenue in the timeliest of manners. It’s a combination that has proved successful repeatedly, leading us to gain returning clients continuously.

Our work comes down to a simple philosophy; if you provide a service, you should be paid for said service. We know that healthcare providers across the US work tirelessly to deliver star-quality service to their patients, so it’s our job to recuperate the funds you deserve. Through our expert knowledge of coding, and tried-and-tested processes to avoid denial claims and objections, we have an unbeatable track record of giving your cash-flow a valuable boost.

Lauded for our thorough approach to collections, we are known for leaving no stone unturned. The result? The highest levels of efficiency, professionalism, and accuracy, with prized feedback from our customers. We don’t just say it; we genuinely carry out enhanced medical billing methods with measurable results.

With world-class service on offer, why settle for less? Join forces with a team who will continually deliver results, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best! Our results will do the talking.