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Addiction treatment centers across the nation are increasingly experiencing lost revenue and delayed payments. It differs from other specialties in the complexities surrounding the field, brought upon by rapidly changing laws and guidelines, but also an industry norm of unfortunate revenue cycle management. Because of the intricacies involved, many RCM companies steer clear of addiction treatment centers, but to keep them viable options for those in need, we are on hand to solve cash-flow issues in our typical timely fashion.

It’s imperative to trust in a stellar RCM/ medical billing company due to the rate at which guidelines and codes are changing, which in turn is causing denial rates to boom, and revenues to decline. Tackling ever-changing billing issues is a heavy burden without the help of an expert team, with enormous consequences for not quite hitting the nail on the head. Many administrators don’t quite realize the extent of the lost revenue that could be recuperated with a proficient professional’s help.

Unlike other companies, we are completely transparent with our clients, so you know the processes involved. We specialize in optimizing your processes as a treatment center. So we can provide you with a toolkit of streamlined solutions to help you maximize your revenue through billing, collections, and length of stay.

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So, how can we streamline your revenue cycle management and medical billing processes?

  • Expert Claims Management
  • Collection Solutions
  • Compliance Checks
  • Specialist Denial Management
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Expert Medical Coding
  • Pre-registration and Registration
  • Advanced Revenue Data Insight & Analytics
  • Third-Party Follow-up and Utilization Review

Is your addiction treatment center experiencing a decline in reimbursements? Or maybe the regulation changes are too much for your center to handle? Our specialists can help!

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